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Bank of America (BofA) Branches Near Me in Fairfax, Virginia: Locations, Hours, and Online Map

Discover Bank of America (BofA) branches near me in Fairfax, Virginia using our interactive online map. Easily locate nearby branches, access operating hours, and get detailed directions, simplifying your banking experience with Bank of America (BofA).

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Bank of America (BofA) Branches in Fairfax, Virginia: Locations and Hours

Find Bank of America (BofA) branches in Fairfax, Virginia, providing a range of financial services tailored to meet your needs. Our Virginia locations are strategically placed for your convenience, ensuring easy access to essential banking solutions. Whether you require assistance with loans, mortgages, investments, or everyday banking, our Bank of America (BofA) branches in Fairfax are equipped with knowledgeable staff ready to assist you.

Discover the closest Bank of America (BofA) branch in Fairfax, Virginia, and explore our flexible hours designed to fit your schedule. Whether you need to visit us early in the morning or later in the evening, our branches strive to accommodate your banking needs. Access our reliable customer service and experience a personalized approach to banking at Bank of America (BofA) branches across Fairfax, Virginia.

Each Bank of America (BofA) branch in Fairfax offers a range of financial solutions, including account management, financial planning, and specialized advisory services. Visit us to discuss your financial goals and benefit from our expertise to secure your financial future. With convenient locations and extended hours, our Virginia branches aim to make banking hassle-free for you.

Name Address Type Hours Phone

Bank of America (BofA), Fairfax, Virginia

11190 Main St


Today: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM.

(703) 277-2876

Bank of America (BofA), Fairfax, Virginia

9500 Main St


Today: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM.

(703) 764-5265

Bank of America (BofA), Fairfax, Virginia

11750 Lee Jackson Mem Hwy


Information is unavailable.

Bank of America (BofA), Fairfax, California

89 Broadway Blvd


Open 24 Hours.


Bank of America (BofA) Branches in Fairfax, Virginia: Online Map

Explore Bank of America (BofA) branches in Fairfax, Virginia using our interactive online map. Locate our branches effortlessly and plan your visit conveniently. Our Virginia branches provide a range of banking services tailored to your needs. Access detailed directions, branch addresses, and operating hours through our user-friendly online map interface.

Discover the nearest Bank of America (BofA) branch in Fairfax and navigate seamlessly with our online map feature. Whether you're in Virginia or planning a visit, our map ensures you find the most convenient branch to cater to your financial needs. Accessible from any device, our map simplifies your banking experience, offering a hassle-free way to locate Bank of America (BofA) branches in Fairfax, Virginia.

Utilize our Bank of America (BofA) online map to plan your banking activities and find Virginia branches near you. Enhance your banking experience by leveraging our interactive map, ensuring you get the assistance you need, precisely when and where you need it.

Top 1 Financial Solutions Advisors of Bank of America (BofA) in Fairfax

Yan Huang

Yan Huang

Phone: 703-420-3693

Email: yan.z.huang@ml.com

Top 2 Mortgage Loan Officers of Bank of America (BofA) in Fairfax

Michael Coyne

Michael Coyne

Phone: 571-665-4069

Email: mikey.coyne@bofa.com

Kathleen Hoffmaster

Kathleen Hoffmaster

Phone: 703-420-3820

Email: kathleen.hoffmaster@bofa.com

Top 1 Small Business Bankers of Bank of America (BofA) in Fairfax

Tarek El Bourini

Tarek El Bourini

Phone: 703-783-3884

Email: tarek.el_bourini@bofa.com

Bank of America (BofA) ATM services in Fairfax, Virginia

  1. Walk-up ATM
  2. Cardless ATM
  3. ATM accepts deposits and credit card payments

Bank of America (BofA), history

The following are major historical events for Bank of America, including mergers and acquisitions.

1904-10-17Institution established: Original name:Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association
1990-04-27Acquired First Federal Savings and Loan Association in BAKERSFIELD, CA
1990-04-27Acquired The Guardian Federal Savings and Loan Association in BAKERSFIELD, CA
1990-11-16Acquired Southwest Federal Savings Association in LOS ANGELES, CA
1991-08-09Acquired Santa Barbara Federal Savings and Loan Association in SANTA BARBARA, CA as part of a government assisted transaction.
1992-04-22Acquired Security Pacific National Bank in LOS ANGELES, CA
1996-07-01Acquired Bank of America Oregon in PORTLAND, OR
1996-09-01Acquired Bankamerica National Trust Company in NEW YORK CITY, NY
1997-01-01Acquired Bank of America Arizona in PHOENIX, AZ
1997-01-01Acquired Bank of America NW, National Association in SEATTLE, WA
1997-01-01Acquired Bank of America, National Association in LAS VEGAS, NV
1997-01-01Acquired Bank of America New Mexico, National Association in ALBUQUERQUE, NM
1997-01-01Acquired Bank of America-Alaska, National Association in ANCHORAGE, AK
1997-07-01Acquired Bank of America Illinois in CHICAGO, IL
1997-07-01Acquired Bank of America Trust Company of Florida, National Association (23691) in BOCA RATON, FL
1999-07-23Changed name to Bank of America, National Association
1999-07-23Moved bank headquarters from SAN FRANCISCO, CA to CHARLOTTE, NC
1999-07-23Acquired Bank of America, National Association in CHARLOTTE, NC
1999-12-01Acquired Bank of America Utah, National Association in SALT LAKE CITY, UT
2001-05-31Acquired NationsBank Trust Company of New York (33937) in NEW YORK, NY
2005-06-13Acquired Fleet National Bank in PROVIDENCE, RI
2006-09-22Acquired MBNA America Delaware, National Association in WILMINGTON, DE
2008-02-22Acquired United States Trust Company , National Association in NEW YORK, NY
2008-06-30Acquired Bank of America Georgia, National Association in ATLANTA, GA
2008-10-17Acquired LaSalle Bank Midwest National Association in TROY, MI
2008-10-17Acquired LaSalle Bank National Association in CHICAGO, IL
2009-01-16Maintained operations with government open bank assistance.
2009-04-27Acquired Countrywide Bank, FSB in CENTENNIAL, CO
2009-07-01Acquired Merrill Lynch Bank USA in SALT LAKE CITY, UT
2009-11-02Acquired Merrill Lynch Bank & Trust Co., FSB in NEW YORK, NY
2013-04-01Acquired Bank of America, Rhode Island, National Association in PROVIDENCE, RI
2013-04-01Acquired Bank of America Oregon, National Association in PORTLAND, OR
2014-10-01Acquired FIA Card Services, National Association in WILMINGTON, DE
2020-03-31Acquired Recontrust Company, National Association (58026) in SIMI VALLEY, CA

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